Easy Snappy Summer Looks

The summer season is truly the perfect time (and excuse) to go easy on your outfits. Not having to worry about layers and the dressier occasions of fall and winter, this is truly the moment to embrace the uncomplicated side of your closet. But how to do that while maintaining interest and style? Here are some ideas on how to effortlessly sustain your swag this season. Spoiler alert: it’s all about color pairings.

Scroll down to see stylishly easy summer looks!

1. Perfect Pink

Pale and pastel pinks are true mainstays of the summer season. But our favorite thing about this particular tint is just how smoothly it can blend into your wardrobe. Try a pink V-neck with an understated striped pattern for extra depth—and if you need a trusty bottom, you can always count on anchoring navy shorts.

GC Davies S/S V-Neck Tee
GC Stringer Knit Jogger Short
GC x Greats Royale Sneakers

2. Summer Spice

Take it up a notch by swapping your tee for a polo, and keep with a distinctive color palette of warm, earthy tones. Traditionally reserved for fall and winter, burgundy is becoming a summer favorite for adding flavorful definition to your looks. Choose a burgundy polo and effortlessly ground your fit with olive shorts.

GC Moncrief Polo
GC Nash Drawcord Short
GC x Greats Royale Sneakers

3. Cool Color-blocking

Color-blocking can be incorporated in a single garment (think wide, bold stripes) or in your whole fit by choosing highly contrasting pieces in different colors. This means that you can dip your toes into this trend with simple, solid-colored styles. Light pink shorts will pair nicely with a tee in a darker shade such as dark green—so easy on the eyes!

GC Wanzer Henley
GC Nash Drawcord Short
GC Staley Sports Socks