Member of the Month:
Phillip Choma

Whether we’re reposting fit pics or pulling folks into a shoot, we believe our members make the best models. Now, we want you to meet the men behind the Good Counsel Instagram account—find out what they wear, what they do, and why they do it.

This month, meet 33-year-old Phillip Choma. Phillip is basically our hero—and not just because he has an excellent sense of style and self. An Ohio-based nurse, Phillip had been living and working in Queens, NY for the last year due to the pandemic. We are deeply grateful to him for his work and excited for you to meet him. (@bigphilly06; 6'3", 350 lbs, 3XL, 42W)

His Personal Style

"My personal style is generally based on the setting, if I’m going out or to dinner, the overall look comes first and foremost—even before comfort—but if it’s something casual, then comfort reigns supreme. I’ve always loved denim and I’d say fit-wise that’s definitely evolved over the years. I used to be all about loose, baggy, and comfortable but as I’ve gotten older I’ve become much more into an actual ‘fit’ and I’m comfortable with things fitting a little tighter, especially my pants."

What He Loves About Being Big and Tall

"This one’s always been hard for me, growing up I was called names, names nobody wants to be called so that made me resent every part of being big and tall, but as I’ve gotten older I’ve learned to accept it and be proud of it! I’m always going to be a big guy, no amount of dieting or exercise will change my frame and I’m ok with that, it’s more about being healthy and accepting yourself and I’ve learned to do both and still be a big guy. It doesn’t hurt having companies like Good Counsel come along and help us big guys feel great thanks to the ridiculously stylish looks we can get in."

His Favorite Good Counsel Piece

"I’ve been a GC member for a little over a year now, which has allowed me to try things I might not normally try on my own. I love all the layered looks, button downs with the jackets and the tight ripped Thurmond Jeans that I literally wear every chance I get now!"

On His Career in Nursing

"Working as a nurse is challenging on a regular day, let alone the type of nursing that my colleagues and I have been thrust into the last year. This pandemic and working through it will have a lasting effect on all of us. Growing up I used to hear my mom’s stories of being a nurse and how much good she did and how much she helped people that couldn’t help themselves and I knew that I wanted that same feeling of gratification. I’m the type that gets satisfaction from knowing others are taken care of or comfortable so being able to give my life within my career to help others, just feels right. A lot of days I come home from work and I’m frustrated and just burnt out but then I think of all the good I did in that 12.5 hour shift and that gives me the will and desire to get up and do it again the next day."