Member of the Month:
Deondre Johnson

Whether we’re reposting fit pics or pulling folks into a shoot, we believe our members make the best models. Now, we want you to meet the men behind the Good Counsel Instagram account—find out what they wear, what they do, and why they do it.

This month, meet meet Deondre Johnson, a 34-year-old content creator from Kansas City, Missouri and Good Counsel member for over two years. Get to know Deondre a bit below, then give the man a follow! (@deondre017; 6'6”, 330 lbs, 3XL, 40W)

His Style Icon

"Shia LaBeouf! If there was anyone that could just roll out the bed, put on the first thing he saw AND look good... it's him! He's a genius."

His Personal Style

"If I had to use a word to describe my personal style, it would be 'effortless'. I like keeping things simple and inspiring men like me to feel as if they can do it too."

What He Loves About Being a Big and Tall Guy

"My height! It's the first thing people ask about and it's an easy ice breaker, especially when I'm traveling oversees. I always get mistaken for someone famous…and I usually let them run with it lol."

On The Challenges of Shopping as a Larger Man

"Growing up and living in the midwest, it's been hard to come by things and find places to shop. There's nothing for guys my size - no style, selections or options. I can't express enough how happy I am to have found Good Counsel. Everything's affordable, fashion forward AND fits!"

His Perfect Day Off

"I love to explore and I try to travel somewhere at least twice a month. I'm also in the process of launching a new food blog, so I’m planning to visit cities that I haven't been to yet."